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Inspiring Bold Innovative Leaders

Our district vision of inspiring bold innovative leaders is one we strive for daily by creating and maintaining a nurturing environment. The Joe Barnhart Academy is home to over 100 gifted students, grades 6 through 8.  We work daily to make this campus a place in which we challenge students and continuously help them to achieve their highest potential. 

In our continued pursuit of excellence, we work diligently to create a positive, nurturing, and safe environment where students are challenged, achievement is maximized and full potential is realized. We also know that it takes all of us to achieve this mission on a daily basis. We look forward to working together with all members of our school community to make TJBA the best it can be!

Our highly trained staff is of a group of well rounded, gifted educators who work to ensure that our students receive the best academic and social-emotional opportunities possible. These educators are committed to lifelong learning and enthusiastically utilize the best and most up to date practices to help foster student growth.  We communicate with our parents frequently about teaching, learning, upcoming events, and ways that they can get involved to support their students on their academic journey.


Please join us on our journey to inspire bold innovative leaders!